Healing Liberia

ORGANIZATION: Healing Liberia Foundation

With the unfortunate rise in sicknesses, especially among the less fortunate in Liberia, Healing Liberia Foundation is committed to providing medical support and care for struggling Liberian youth up to the age of 25. Through outreach programs and social media, they intend to help a minimum of four (4) patients each month.

The Healing Liberia Foundation is the first foundation of its kind in Liberia that is operated by young Liberians who are passionate about helping their peers. This NGO provides life changing surgeries and medication for hundreds of young Liberians with the help of their donors. 



To help young Liberians up to the age of 25 to get proper medicinal care by providing access to non-evasive surgeries for treatable diseases and ailments.


GUD Project Proposal

Project Title


Project Costs

$2000 USD


Healing Liberia Foundation focuses on providing access to proper healthcare for Liberia youth, 25 and younger. Each month they finance non- evasive surgeries for their beneficiaries.


GUD will provide donations and in-kind donations to Healing Liberia to support their mission and increase the amount of people they can reach each month.


The first donation of $2000.00 will be able to finance 4-5 surgeries. On average each surgery can cost between $300-$500 . GUD will raise awareness on the current work that Healing Liberia Foundation has done and will continue to provide support through a formal partnership.