Global United Diaspora

We are a collaboration of multi-national professionals from across the African Diaspora focusing on holistic sustainable development throughout countries in Africa, The Caribbean and the Americas in places containing large populations of people with African descent. Our aim is to improve infrastructure and overall standards of living by focusing on Health and Medicine, Education, Water Resources and Sanitation, Agriculture, Environmental Preservation and Infrastructure and Engineering.

Global United Diaspora unifies descendants of the African Diaspora to implement sustainable development solutions in communities across the world in order to improve the standard of living throughout the African global population.

The Founders of G.U.D. are a group of 10 young and driven individuals, with roots in U.S, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Haiti, Turks and Caicos, Liberia, Nigeria and Ghana.

Our team has collective experience in the fields of: Architecture, Water Sanitation & Resources, Real Estate Development, Law, Information Technology, Medicine, Aerospace Marketing, Project Management, Youth & Community Development, Entrepreneurship, Business, Political Science, Education and Mechanical & Natural Resource Engineering.

How can we help?


An immensely important in community development. It is pivotal in breaking the cycle of poverty.


Improving access to proper medical care, resources & facilities is critical in all of our communities.


Encouraging and teaching sustainable agriculture practices, planting trees, cleaning waterways, and overall minimizing our ecological footprint.


Simple improvements of Infrastructure to drastically improve a community's ability to function.


Minimizing both the initial environmental cost of building (through reducing materials waste and using sustainable products) and the long-term environmental impact.


Providing communities with clean water. More than one third of the global population – live without basic sanitation facilities” while 750 million people still lack access to safe and clean drinking water.

Become A Volunteer

In order for GUD to attain our ambitious goals we need skilled and passionate individuals across numerous fields, specialties and professions. If you want to help us in our efforts to change the world, join the GUD movement.